Maintenance Tips To Prevent Problems With Your HVAC Systems

If you have an HVAC unit inside your home, office or on a business establishment then you probably know that properly maintaining your HVAC unit provides a safe and comfortable place for you and your family. However, there are owners that are not aware of the some safety tips and maintenance specifics on their system. Here are simple tips on how to prevent and maintain your heating ventilation and cooling systems in good condition.

Unit isn’t cooling or heating
Check or adjust the unit’s thermostat if it isn’t cooling or heating the room temperature. Remember that when adjusting your thermostat you should set the temperature a few degrees higher or lower that then actual temperature. However, if the thermostat is not adjusted properly or if it is too high or too low compared to the room temperature then it will not cool or heat the room.

Always check for the thermostat’s switch if it is set properly on the desired temperature. Another way for you to know what’s wrong with the unit is by turning off all power sources form the unit and check the coils or blowers for leaves or other elements that might be blocking the air flow. If you notice something more than what you can do then it is the right time to call for a professional help.

Dirty filters and blowers
One of the simplest ways of maintaining and cleaning your HVAC unit is by checking the filters or blowers for any blockage that is affecting the efficiency of its performance. Fixing dirty filters or blowers are easy to fix and most of the times you won’t need the help of a professional. You just got to have five to fifteen minutes to clean and fix the issue. Just wash the filter with cold water or even tap water to remove the dir. If the filters need to be replace there are available filters on malls and markets.

Once you clean or replace the filters you can immediately feel the difference in air quality of the room.

Noise means problems to fix
One easy way of detecting problems in your heating or cooling unit is if it makes a lot of unnecessary noise. In some instances this kind of problems can be fixed easily such as dents and dirt on the air passage. However there are times that you need to call for a professional help to see what is wrong with your HVAC.

Leaks must be fixed
Another thing to check on the overall performance of the HVAC unit is water leakage or just leaks that may be a cause for the heat or cold air to escape from the room. You can start by checking leaks in ducks, windows and even doors. Leaks should be administered properly and annually checked because it can affect your monthly consumption of your heating and cooling system. Study shows that twenty percent of heating or cooling system’s efficiency is affected when you have leaks in the room.

Following these simple tips in maintaining your heating and cooling system will prevent it from deteriorating as well as will help you in saving cost and energy.



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